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First Name: Christo
Last Name: Lamprecht
Hometown: George
St/Prov: WC
Country: RSA
Rank: 107
2019Challenge 6 Akasia (Big Easy Tour)T23
2019Western Province Open Am (RSA)Semi's
2019Western Prov Open Am - Medal (RSA)T15
2019Boland Open Amateur (RSA)T10
2019All Africa Junior Challenge2nd
2019Cape Province Open Am (RSA)T8
2019South African Stroke AmateurT19
2018SA Junior Interprovincial A (W/H/L)11/0/1
2018Joburg Junior Open (RSA)T2
2018George Open Am (RSA)2nd
2018Kingswood Open Am (RSA)Champion
2018Cape Town Junior Open (RSA)6th
2018Riversdale Open Am (RSA)2nd
2018South Africa Interprovincial A (W/H/L)4/4/2
2018AJGA Players (FL, USA)T11
2018Southern Cape Junior Stroke (RSA)Champion
2018Limpopo Open Stroke (RSA)T5
2018Di-Data Junior Open (RSA)Champion
2018St Andrews Links Trophy (SCO)T8
2018East of Ireland Am OpenChampion
2018Goose Valley Open Am (RSA)Champion
2018Western Prov Open Am - Medal (RSA)3rd
2018Boland Open Amateur (RSA)4th
2018South African Boys (U19)Quarters
2018South African Boys - Medal4th
2018South African Amateur16's
2018Cape Province Open Am (RSA)T3
2018African Amateur2nd
2018NOoM Inland 1 U19 (RSA)T4
2017Joburg Junior Open (RSA)Champion
2017Eastern Province Open Am (RSA)T5
2017Kingswood Open Am (RSA)2nd
2017Lion of Africa Junior Open (RSA)Champion
2017Junior Presidents Cup (W/H/L)1/0/1
2017Southern Cape Junior Match (RSA)Champion
2017Southern Cape Match (RSA)Finalist
2017AJGA Players (FL, USA)T19
2017Fellowship Cup (RSA v IND)3/0/0
2017African Junior Open (RSA)T3
2017Oubaai Open Am (RSA)2nd