Is There A Correct Way To Video Your Golf Swing? Expert Rick Shiels Reveals The Perfect Set-up...

In the pursuit of improvement, many of us now analyse our golf swing using a mobile phone. Rick Shiels shares some key tips to help you get the most out of the process

Video your golf swing
Rick Shiels shares his advice on video swing analysis
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With technology playing an increasingly crucial role in golf, specifically in terms of player improvement, we asked Golf Monthly Top 50 Coach Rick Shiels to share some advice on the best way to video your swing...

What Is The Best Way To Record Your Golf Swing?

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The first thing you are going to need is something to hold the camera, like a monopod, with a stand at one end and a holder for your phone at the other. The perfect location for your camera is right between your feet and the ball, roughly in line with the hands. There is a reason why we set it up in this position, because if the phone is too far to the right, or too far behind you, the path of your club will look totally different. This set up will allow me to film my swing, and look at my technique in slow motion.

What Should I Look For When Recording My Golf Swing?

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This is where it gets a bit more technical. As you can see in the video within this article, I am working on getting my club face more closed on the way back. That was my main focus at that time, so I allow myself to almost forget about the result of each shot and concentrate solely on the club position at halfway in the backswing.

I am not too worried about where the ball goes at this stage, as this is technical element of my practise session. I can then look at my phone and get that immediate feedback, where I can see the feeling I am getting during the swing is matching up with the reality of my club face being in the closed position I was aiming for.

Why Should I Video My Golf Swing?

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One of things I love most about recording my swing, is often I will send it to a friend, post it online, or even send it to the golf coach that I have been working with. Recording your swing provides invaluable feedback, especially as we all have a mobile phone in our pockets.

Use it... it certainly helps!

Rick Shiels
Top 50 Coach

After turning professional, Rick worked at The Mere in Knutsford before moving to Trafford Golf Centre. It was here where the PGA professional started to film the majority of his content, and his YouTube channel now has over two million subscribers. As well as offering tips and drills, he's an equipment and golf course fanatic, which sees him create a wonderful variety of content for his growing audience. You can listen to Rick, too, with a new episode dropping every Tuesday on the Rick Shiels Golf Show Podcast. 

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