This Is The Best Budget Launch Monitor We Have Tested, Now It Has 40% Off

The MLM is one of the best budget launch monitors we have put through testing and you can get it now at nearly half price

This Is The Best Budget Launch Monitor We Have Tested, Now It Has 40% Off
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In an age where stats and data is taking over the golf game, launch monitors have become a staple of many golfers practice sessions. However, when shopping for a launch monitor there is not much out there that gives you all the data you need but at a reasonable price. You end up looking at Trackman, Shotscope and GCQuad which are all well into the thousands.

This is where the Rapsodo Mobile launch monitor steps in, even at full price this launch monitor is at a great budget friendly price but with upwards of 40% off it is a steal right now. The Rapsodo MLM is only available for IOS users and you use it by plugging your phone into the dock on top of the device. This allows you to use your device for recording video while the device monitors your swing and gives you data, like carry, strike and club speeds. 

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor | 40% Off at Amazon
Was $499.99 Now $299.99

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor | 40% Off at Amazon
Was $499.99 Now $299.99

Given how easy it is to use and the overall accuracy and data points available, we have to say the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor is an excellent option for golfers seeking an affordable way to gain insights into shot or club performance, providing you own a relatively new iPhone or iPad.

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This great budget launch monitor does everything you could need while you are practicing and give you the data you want to improve. 

Our tech expert Joel Tadman had this to say after testing the Rapsodo MLM. " It’s compact size and lightweight design make it easily portable in the carry case. It fits easily inside any compartment of my golf bag and the case even has a handy clip to be able to attach to your golf bag. 

The Rapsodo MLM is a really good option in the portable launch monitor category at this price point. Whilst more expensive units may remove some of the anomaly readings, the level and accuracy of data received was more than sufficient to improve the quality of our practice."

Although navigating through the app on a small screen is a little bit fiddly, the graphics are genuinely impressive and the data matched up very well with what we were accustomed to, with subtle differences in strike creating corresponding changes in launch and carry distance.

The shot library feature displays your completed session in a very easy-to-digest grid format, which includes an overhead dispersion graph. Whilst we would like to see spin numbers, overall the information on offer is more than enough to form valid opinions about your club and swing performance. And when you consider you are getting this information for just under $300 right now, I don't think this deal will be around for long.

Zach Bougen

Zach Bougen is a freelance golf writer who has only been golfing properly for the last 4 years. He played as a junior but decided to make football and cricket his sport of choice. Now he loves playing new golf courses and testing out new golf equipment. Zach plays off of a handicap of 6.2 and is on a journey to go from amateur golfer to teaching professional.

When Zach isn't out on the course or practising Zach enjoys writing golfing, gaming and fitness content and has previously written for Gear Nuke, The Gamer, and DualShockers. In his spare time, he can be found golfing, playing football or testing out new video games.

Zach's major inspiration in golf is Rory Mcilroy meaning he always tries to have the same kit as Rory when he can. When starting out in golf he had all Nike clubs before finally upgrading 3.5 years ago. He like most avid golfers has gone through a selection of different clubs, he has had a Taylormade Sim Max and a Cobra F9 driver before settling on his current one and has a mixture of putters that he swaps between. 

Currently, in his golf bag, he has:

Driver: Taylormade Stealth (9 degrees)

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2 Iron: Taylormade 2021 P790

Irons: Taylormade P7mc 4-PW 

Wedges: Taylormade MG3 50 degree, Taylormade MG2 52 degree and Cleveland Zipcore 58 degree

Putter: Currently Evnroll ER5, also use the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 in black

Ball: Either the Taylormade TP5x or Titleist Pro V1x